Fiorello Tosoni
"Self-potrait at the mirror" 1991 oil, canvas on board


Fiorello Tosoni:
Prato 1993 One-man art exhibition at Palazzo Pretorio
house of the prestigious Art Gallery




Fiorello Tosoni:
At the Art Expo in New York 1987




Fiorello Tosoni:
At the Art Expo in Los Angeles (California) 1987




Fiorello Tosoni drawing from life
in his studio 1981

Fiorello Tosoni was born in Prato where he lives and works, with a studio in Via Torino 44, 59100 Prato - Italy - phone +39 0574 37001. After living in London for a few years in the early '60s where he was a student a St. Martin's College studying figurative drawing and portraits from life, Tosoni met the English painter Frank Slater who painted fine portraits of show business personalities. Slater followed Tosoni's work for some time, before his premature death in the mid-60s.

Upon his definitive return to Italy in 1964 Tosoni attended with very good results the Nude Class at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, where his teacher was Prof.Emanuele Cavalli.

Then, in 1965, his first meeting with Pietro Annigoni took place in Florence. And from 1968 he attended daily his studio for many years. Following the flood in 1966, he was called upon by Annigioni to lead a team of artists in the initial restoration of his 9-metre long painting "Vita" which had been damaged by water. The restoration took place in the Palazzo of Counts Serristori in Florence.

In 1968 Tosoni had his first successes painting the portraits of well-know personalities especially in the world of business.
Among whom the Lebole of Arezzo co-owners with Lanerossi of the famous line of clothing which bears their name. Between 1968 and 1971 he assisted Annigoni with the frescos in the church of Buon Consiglio at Ponte Buggianese (Pistoia).

In 1972, on the occasion of his one-man show in Prato, RAI produced a 30-minute documentary on him for national television. In that same year major British newspapers (Daily Post, Dembighshire Free Press) published articles on his art aon their front pages. Others followed:North Wales News, Irish Express, The Sunday People, Radio Wales.

In 1973 The Daily Mail sent a team of photographers to Prato to carry out a reportage on Tosoni's art, which was then published in the paper on the 2 April, together with a photo portraying artist in front of the renaissance church of S. Maria delle Carceri, designed by Giuliano da Sangallo. On the same occasion the BBC Television came to Prato to film the master's work.

In Cronache Italiane of the 7 February 1974 on RAI 2, the following comments were made on the master's one-man show by the scholar Mauro Innocenti, together with a long film covering the artist's work:
If i were asked to express a worthy opinion concerning the merits of a painter such as Fiorello Tosoni, I would say that we are fancing an accomplished and fully conscious master. Tosoni ex pupil of Annigoni exceeds his master in having a subtle poetic vain and a chromatic knowledge which is the principal gift of a born painter. A skilful draughstman, his figures though classicalcarry the sense and the drama of today's life, without betraying their true resemblance. We could say thet Tosoni is a perfectly Tuscan painter.

In mid-70s Tosoni's name enters in the Kunsthistorishes Istitut - Archive of Italian Art of 20th century, at the same time a number of banks, multinationals and well-know publishers bought the artist's work for their important colletions.

Tosoni archived another great success during his one-man show at the Art Expo in New York in 1987 where he was exhibiting, he was the only one among the many artists from all over the world who was given a full television coverage and whose merits as a painter and as a person totally dedicate to art were widely recognised during this very important international show.

His artistic bibliography is very extensive and he has had numerous one-man shows both in Italy and abroad, among which we like to remember the exhibition at Nicolis' Art Gallery in Phoenix in 1974, at the Galleria Comanducci in Milan in 1979, and at the Los Angeles Expo in 1987, at the Paris Foyer, also in 1987, at Palazzo Pretorio (which houses the collection of classical art) in Prato in 1993, and in Verona 2001.

In that same year the well-known and long standing cultural and news monthly "Sciena Illustrata" dedicated their January issue to him, with the title "The Great Masters of Contemporary Art", in which the editor, Italo Carlo Sesti, and other well-known critics highlighted his qualities. In following years this magazine published further articles on his work and dedicated to him two front covers.

In 1996 he produced thirty paintings and drawings for "Treasure Island" by Stevenson, published by Editalia (Gruppo Poligrafico dello Stato), and "Around the World in 80 Days" by Jules Verne, both of wich were unanimously praised. In the same year his paintings were exhibited in Montecatini Terme in the show "Masters of 20th Century" together with those of other great historic artists of our century.

Year 2000..... furthermore we should point out the splendid catalogue edited by Gruppo Poligrafico dello Stato ( Italian State Printing Plant ) issued on the occasion of the 52nd Buchmesse in Frankfurt ( Germany). It features a very restricted selection of major living artists, among these, Fiorello Tosoni, whose art is deservedly represented and which confirms his undisputed artistic worth in figurative  painting on today international scene.

Tosoni's works are to be found in the most important collections, both in Italy and abroad.


Fiorello Tosoni while he paints Monseigneur Pietro Fiordelli
Bishop of Prato 2004/ 2005


Fiorello Tosoni in his studio


Fiorello Tosoni painting on lake Massaciuccoli with Pietro Annigoni, 1970


Fiorello Tosoni drawing from life in North Wales, 1972

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