The art of
Fiorello Tosoni

To my muse



This lyric poem is intended as a delicate tribute to womanhood, both muse and divine being, an irreplaceable source of inspiration, for those elect minds throughout history, who have bequeathed to mankind wonderful and immortal works of art.
It is dedicated, in particular, to those women who have inspired my art.
Above all to the models who posed for me and who are never forgotten; to all those who have honoured me with their friendship and esteem and who, with their sensitivity and intelligence, have contributed to my artistic expression.
My infinite gratitude goes to them all.

To my muse

you are grace and gentle beauty
like the soft spring breeze
that caresses the hills scented
by burning fires and pine trees
bringing with it the perfume of flowers,

you are the breath of Zephyr
which makes the leaves of myrtles dance
inebriated by infinite spaces
that cradle the lofty clouds

transforming them into graceful shapes,

you are the muse that inspires divine beauty
leaving a sign of life and love in art.

Fiorello Tosoni




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